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I have been training with Binaya for over three years.  I am 58 and my primary goal has always been to maintain flexibility and stamina while keeping to a constant weight.  I am a bit of a weekend warrior and invariably end up with aches and strains which result from my sporadic sports excesses so addressing those issues has been something I have struggle with over the years.  Binaya has been nothing short of great at meeting these needs.  My schedule is hectic, so having a trainer who is flexible and reliable is critical and this is another fantastic part about using with him.  I have worked with many trainers over the years and find Binaya to be exceptional at varying my training program and keeping away the boredom that comes with a fixed routine.  In short, I feel healthier, I have fewer injuries and unlike with other trainers, even after three years, I don't look for excuses to skip my sessions.  I highly recommend Binaya.

Testi User Craig Hasday
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